At the November Children & Young People’s Forum Chloe Purcell, Director of SAFE!, gave an update on changes to the statutory landscape of support given to young people that experience crime and exploitation.

Chloe says: “There are currently plans underway in Oxfordshire to make changes to statutory responses to Youth Justice and Exploited children.  From summer 2020, the Youth Justice Service will merge with the Kingfisher Team (who currently work with exploited children) to become the Youth Justice and Exploitation Service.  This will be a multi-agency team with input from social care, police and health.  Nicola Holmes-Brown (Step-Out) and Chloe Purcell (SAFE!) have been representing the voluntary sector at the service steering group and are currently putting together a summary of voluntary sector organisations providing services to children and young people around these issues, in order to inform the voluntary sector ‘offer’.  There is already a strong network of organisations through the Sexual Violence and Exploitation Network (SVEN), and they would be interested in hearing from any other services who would like to join or find out more.

OCC have launched a new Child Exploitation Screening Tool, which replaces the old CSE screening tool.  This can be found on the OSCB website.  We are encouraged to use the new tool if we have any concerns about a young person at risk of any form of exploitation.  Completed tools should be sent to the MASH if they indicate concerns.  Agencies are also invited to attend Exploitation Network meetings which are hosted by LCSS teams in North, City and South every six weeks.  If you have young people you are concerned about you can bring referral information to these meetings.  To find out when the next meeting is scheduled in your area, please contact your nearest LCSS team.”

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