YMCA England and Wales have released a valuable report which gives a sense of the scale of cuts to youth services by local authorities.

Out of Service gathered spending data from local authorities from 2010/11 through to 2018/19 and found that spending in that period in England decreased by 71%. The reduction in spending was most acute in the West Midlands and the North East, with -80% and -76% respectively.

Oxfordshire was considered amongst the South East region which the YMCA determined has suffered 71% reduction in spending, reflecting the national picture.

As a charity that works in this context, Oxfordshire Youth can attest to the impact of this level of reduction in spending on local communities and young peoples’ lives. OY supports a network of community led youth provision that operates in a context of very little local authority funding. Despite the precarious funding landscape, the youth sector in Oxfordshire is a diverse and imaginative sphere full of passionate and able leaders that work tirelessly to support young people to achieve the best outcomes in their lives.

YMCA England and Wales are asking people to sign up to their petition calling for the Government to return to 2010 funding levels and those wishing to support this can do so here.

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