UK Youth, on behalf of the newly formed “Back Youth Alliance”, has published a powerful public statement calling on the government to safeguard not-for-profit organisations that are at risk and to ensure that youth organisations are valued in the overall response to Covid-19 and the recovery that will surely come in due course.

The vulnerability of children and young people as a result of the measures taken in response to the crisis and the importance of the youth sector cannot be overstated. As the letter says:

“Organisations have reported serious concerns around an expected rise in the risk of exploitation, county lines, safeguarding, increases in teenage pregnancy, child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and youth homelessness. Hundreds of thousands of young people have concerning vulnerabilities which the youth sector works tirelessly to address in order keep them supported, safe and – in some cases – alive. For many young people, the youth sector is often the only place where they will find a trusted adult to support them.”

The open letter can be read in full here.

To ensure that your organisation’s needs are being taken into account please complete Oxfordshire Youth’s survey on the Impact of Covid-19 

UK Youth is also requesting that organisations feed into their research on the impact to the sector. The deadline for responses to the survey is 4pm on Tuesday 24th March. It can be accessed here.