In October 2018, the UK government announced the creation of the Youth Endowment Fund which will provide a 10 year investment to support programmes steering young people away from becoming drawn into youth offending. It is a bold attempt to put early intervention at the heart of efforts to tackle youth offending and to positively impact the lives of children and young people across England and Wales.

Run by Impetus, in partnership with the Early Intervention Foundation and Social Investment Business, the Youth Endowment Fund aims to prevent children and young people from getting caught up in crime and violence by making sure that those most at risk get the best possible support, as early as possible, to get on a positive path and succeed.

The Youth Endowment Fund will do this by:

  • Finding, supporting and evaluating programmes working with young people most at risk of involvement in crime and violence — providing funding, capacity building and evaluation support
  • Generating and promoting new knowledge and practice to transform local and national responses to tackling youth offending, and supporting the best evidenced programmes to have an even greater impact
  • Developing an approach to working with local communities to prevent youth offending — driving long term, sustainable change in those communities


You can find out more about the Youth Endowment Fund by following twitter or on the impetus page