One of the principles of youth work is to be inclusive and work to support the needs of all young people. To effectively achieve this it is vital that we know and understand the issues young people face.

For pride month Ineqe Safeguarding Group have shared some data to help people better understand the experiences LGBTQ+ young people may face. We should not assume the experiences of individuals and of course must recognise that similar experiences will affect each young person differently. Instead we should look to educate all young people on different issues and seek to provide safe spaces that promote inclusion and value diversity as well as signposting young people to supporting organisations.

For helpful resources and information on how to proactively promote inclusivity for LGBTQ+ young people in your setting and the provision you provide check out the Stonewall website.

UK Youth have also shared an informative graphic providing tips on how to be a better ally which you can find here!