Young people say they feel lonely more often than any other age group. The Coop Foundation has launched a new campaign, featuring an animation created by young people, to help us all show we care about youth loneliness.

‘We are lonely, but not alone’ is the result of six months’ work by a group of young creatives using their own experiences of loneliness to help others. Watch the animation to find out what it’s all about. Then show your support by wearing yellow socks and posting your picture online using #LonelyNotAlone.

The campaign drew on the insights of nine young people about how it feels to be lonely as a young person:

  • We think it’s our fault.
  • We think it’s probably going to last forever.
  • We put on a brave face and pretend it doesn’t hurt.
  • There are thousands of us – we are all lonely, but not alone.

So why yellow socks?

Our young creatives realised that when they felt lonely, they would often avoid people’s eyes and look to the floor. Socks are semi-hidden, like loneliness, but yellow socks can provide a little ray of hope – a flash of colour that shows them that people care.

You can get involved by wearing yellow socks, whenever and wherever you like. Together we can show young people that although they may feel lonely, they’re not alone.

Find out more about the campaign and the young people involved at: