What do you think needs to change so that young people can get early help for their mental health?

YoungMinds are investigating what early intervention is available for young people struggling with their mental health. At the moment, only one in three children and young people are able to access NHS support for their mental health. The NHS cannot meet the scale of need on its own, so it’s crucial that there is a bigger focus on early intervention within our communities.

If you have a child that looked for support for their mental health, what role did your GP play? Was there anything that would have helped you when your child first began to struggle with their mental health? YoungMInds wants to hear your experiences in their survey.

Take part in the YoungMinds survey

Your views will help YoungMinds to create a report that will tell the Government what needs to change so that young people can get help quickly and in a way that works for them. Your voice is vital. This is your opportunity to share your views, so that your real-life experiences can be turned into positive change for children and young people’s mental health.