Why you should value youth work!

At a time when cuts to youth services meant jobs for youth workers were limited, I made the decision to become a youth worker.   Pretty silly?   Well queue up for high fives because for the last five years I have had the pleasure of saying that I am exactly...

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What is the point of youth clubs anyway?

Youth clubs welcome all young people, but they play a particularly important role in supporting vulnerable or disadvantaged children and young people and those who may be struggling at school. Young people need access to safe spaces and trusting relationships away...

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Young Carers in the UK fill Wembley Stadium 4 times!*

*This didn’t happen….but it could. According to The Carers Trust there are estimated to be at least 376, 000 young carers aged 16-25 in the UK. This is enough to fill Wembley Stadium (capacity 90,000) four times. We call them young carers, but you might know them as...

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Challenge 100 – Roy Peach

I’ve been with Oxfordshire Youth for a year now, so no doubt you’ve heard my name already, but three months ago, due to staffing developments, my role changed and now, as Member Support Coordinator, I’m heavily involved in supporting our member organisations where they need it.

Of course, being somebody with drive, what started off as a simple task, quickly ballooned into ‘how many of our 100 members can I visit?’ I suppose the bonus is I’ve not given myself a time limit so that really helps, but I’m doing quite well.

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Let’s Talk About Body Image

From relationships to social media, drugs and crime and everything in between; as a youth worker it is common to see trends in topical issues affecting young people at any one time. With an ever growing social platform at the touch of a finger there is no doubt that...

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