In summer 2020 we launched The Oxfordshire Youth Podcast. #AreYouListening is created by young people for young people, and serves as a platform for young people to have their voices heard and to speak on matters that affect them and their lives.

To celebrate International Podcast Day 2020, our podcast hosts Sam and Darius have put together their top tips for aspiring podcasters.

1 Think about why you want to launch a podcast

Sam: “Speak your heart, talk about what matters.” We recently launched a miniseries inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. If you already have followers on Instagram or a different social media platform you can ask them about topics they are currently interested in.

2 Choose the right topic for your podcast

Choose a topic that allows you to release new episodes more frequently (at least once a month). It’s great if your audience knows they can expect new episodes on a regular basis.

3 Define your podcast audience

Think about your audience – who are you making this podcast for? Create a little profile of your ideal listener and always keep it in mind when recording new episodes.

4 Invite guests and co-hosts

Think about guests who are relevant to the topic of your podcast, but don’t invite too many people at once. We suggest a maximum of 3 guests, so that everyone has enough time to speak. You can also consider finding a co-host for all or specific episodes.

5 Planning is essential

Plan the conversation ahead of recording it. Write down a set of questions if you are doing an interview. Podcast conversations often sound casual and spontaneous, but there is a lot of planning that goes into it.

6 Record your podcast in a listener-friendly way

When recording your podcast, remember to slow down when you are talking. Sometimes the listener needs time to digest what has been said. Break up the conversation with short snippets of music or other suitable sound recordings. Make sure you are not using copy-written music.

7 Keep episodes short and to the point

Think about when your audience is likely to listen to the podcast. For example, many people listen to podcasts during their commute. It is recommendable to keep the length of your podcast between 15 – 30 minutes.

8 Try out low-cost and free tools before making bigger investments

Start off your podcast journey using low-cost equipment and free online tools until you know that you want to pursue this hobby. Use a simple USB microphone that can be plugged into your computer. There are free online platforms allowing you to create, host and distribute your podcast such as Anchor and Audacity.

9 Make some noise on social media

Use social media channels to announce the release of new podcast episodes. For example, we are using Instagram stories to keep our listeners updated and to reach new audiences.

10 Keep looking for new inspiration

Write down a list of podcasts you find inspiring and why, and keep searching for new ones.

We are always interested in receiving feedback from our listeners. If you are a young person, have something to say and want to be heard on The Oxfordshire Youth Podcast, get in touch with us via email [email protected] or DM us on Instagram:


The Oxfordshire Youth Podcast - Sam and Darius