The Oxfordshire Youth podcast ‘Are You Listening?‘, created by young people for young people, serves as a platform for young people to have their voices heard and to speak on matters that affect them and their lives.

Race and racism is a topic that has been at the forefront of conversation in recent months following the tragic murder of George Floyd. As The Black Lives Matter Movement reignited with millions standing together through protests demanding equality and an end to the injustices black people face, our young people felt passionately that this was a topic that they wanted to talk about.

Led by our podcast host Darius (Oxfordshire Youth’s youngest trustee), the podcast miniseries was born, which will see many guests across a range of episodes share their thoughts, feelings and experiences in regards to racism as we all continue to listen, learn and reflect to embed anti-racist practices into all areas of our lives.

“The Black Lives Matter Miniseries is a must-listen, providing a rounded education that we all need in our Allyship journeys.”
(Darius, Oxfordshire Youth Podcast Host)

This miniseries is split into three parts, each part containing numerous episodes with different guests to share a wide range of experiences.

Part 1: Young, Gifted and Black
Part 2: You Can’t Take Our Youth Away
Part 3: Fantastic Allies and Where to Find Them

More information on each part is shared in the first episode available to stream now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

We would like to say a big thank you to the members of our youth committee VOICE and all the young people behind the making of these podcasts as their hard work, passion and commitment are the foundation on which this project grows.

Thank you as well to all the wonderful podcast guests, whose willingness to be open and honest will hopefully go a long way in developing the understanding of others and ensuring that this conversation continues.

And a final thank you to Darius who led on the production of this miniseries and put an enormous amount of work into making the episodes the best they could be.

We hope you enjoy listening to this brand-new series.

Read Oxfordshire Youth’s Statement on Racial Injustice and find out more about our values.