A few days into lock down and cabin fever is hitting us all hard. There’s no rain for the first time in what feels like a year and the novelty of working from home and no school is quickly wearing off for many. In the midst of a global pandemic which is frightening enough lets add daily reminders via the news, social media and even via text message of what you cannot do. It’s easy to start thinking that everything is looking pretty bleak.

And yes, we definitely should not be undermining the seriousness of the issue. It is like nothing the majority of us have ever experienced before and we should be following the guidance and doing our bit to safeguard the wider community. But within the darkness I do believe it is our job to cast a little light.

When asked, a young person explained that adults could support young people during this time by “highlighting positivity” because yeah it’s serious and it’s scary and it shouldn’t be taken lightly but we have to hope and believe that this isn’t going to last forever.


So I’m setting you that challenge!


Below is a resource for you to ask young people: Can problems create opportunities? You can use this to start a conversation with them. Of course continue to acknowledge how serious this is, how much sadness it is causing for many and why it’s important that each of us are making sacrifices. Then ask them to think about the silver linings, think about the positives that have and could come out of this situation and create a list that you can continue to come back to so that when the day seems long and things feel hard your young people can look at this and remember it’s not all bad and perhaps be inspired to take this problem and use it as an opportunity to do something positive; however small!

Download the activity plan