National Apprenticeship week is here and this year more than ever before we have reason to shout about the importance of apprenticeships and providing young people opportunities introducing them to the world of work.

National Apprenticeship Week is an annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships across England and is a time to recognise and applaud apprenticeship success stories across the country. 

Awareness Days

In January, we were able to do something that we have been wanting to do for a long time. We employed two young people as youth work apprentices!

As an organisation that is passionate about youth work providing apprenticeships in youth work has been an aim we have worked towards for a while; the ability to offer young people the opporunity to develop and grow into a career that they are passionate about.

Not only are we excited about this as an opportunity for young people, we are also excited that this chance for on the job training will further help the growth of the youth sector in Oxfordshire by supporting the learning and development of future youth workers.

Christian and Lydia’s first month has been different to what we envisioned when we first planned offering apprenticeship opportunities. The coronavirus pandemic has meant that their introduction into youth work has consisted of home working and delivering youth work online rather than in person. Although not the start we pictured for them, joining during a time when the youth sector as a whole has shown resilience, adaptability and a commitment to supporting young people is, we hope, an inspiring experience.

During their short time with us we are already seeing the insights, innovation and new ways of thinking Christian and Lydia can bring to Oxfordshire Youth and we cannot wait to see what the next two years brings!

They are at the start of a very exciting journey and from what we have already seen so far we couldn’t be happier that Christian and Lydia are the future of youth work.

Check out our socials this week to meet Christian and Lydia and find out a bit about the work they are doing. If you are a young person and would like to find out more about apprenticeships then check out our Instagram (@oxyouth) on Friday where you will be able to ask any questions you may have. You can also DM us on social media or email [email protected] if you would like to find out where to go to find out more.

If you are an organisation considering offering apprenticeships you can find out more HERE.