June 2020.

The team at Oxfordshire Youth stands in solidarity with all those that work to overcome oppression of all kinds.

In the context of the pain on display in the United States of America in response to the murder of George Floyd, the most recent example of the oppression faced by black people, Oxfordshire Youth wants to make it clear that this organisation celebrates and treasures all people.

We believe that good youth work breaks down barriers and brings people together.

We believe that all young people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and should have their voices heard.

We will listen and learn from those that face these realities and will follow as they lead the way.

We believe that everyone has something to give to the community.

We believe that no one should face discrimination, marginalisation or mal-treatment at the hands of others for any reason.

We acknowledge the role that we play in perpetuating injustice and commit to working to transform this organisation and ourselves to be more equitable.

The guiding principles of youth work compel anyone that works with young people to celebrate their individuality, work alongside them to overcome barriers and challenge the injustices that they face. Good youth work has never been more needed.

Oxfordshire Youth will continue to celebrate and affirm all people and will gladly work in partnership with anyone that shares our values and seeks to support young people of all races to transform their world.