Since attending an event launching our partnership with The Evergreen Agency, which will look to improve our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), I have been delving into the world that has been, quite honestly, non-existent to me before. As I’m sure many people involved in communications, I have heard the phrase but did not see how that would benefit our cause or reach. Turns out, I was very wrong!

Well done, SEO can not only help the cause, raise awareness, help me and my team in reaching our goals but also decrease, yes, I said decrease, our workloads. Convinced by Aaron, Founder and Managing Director of The Evergreen Agency, I’ve decided to not only to “give it a go” but to embrace it and learn as much as I can from “self-confessed SEO enthusiasts” that are the staff at the agency.

Following the words of Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, I decided to use the SEO for Charities – The Complete Guide to guide my journey and make sure I take it one step at the time. So here we go.

Chapter 1 – How to boost your charity’s exposure

In 7 short points, the guide suggests how to start thinking about activities and resources that all charities should have or do to make sure that their work is visible. From website to news outlets and events, it gives you food for thought on what you are already doing right (luckily, there are a few that we seem to have been doing!) to things that you can improve.

Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely thinking time and work that I will have to carry out with my team to get the content that we can use for our SEO. Armed in a pen, I’ve created the following SEO for Charities To Do List:

  1. Connect with local news outlets – coffee, email, Christmas card, whatever method you like. Get to know the people that will help you spread the message. I think we are going to go with coffee…
  2. Have a good look at our website – since we launched the new site in 2018, we have been pretty happy with the design. Now it’s time to get some cake, tea and check in with the team whether the website is doing what we want it to do. Are we relatable, is our mission clear, is it easy to navigate? If not, we need to make it so.
  3. Decide on our fundraising activities for the year – what do we want to do, who do we want to reach, when do we want to do it. And then go from there.
  4. And my favourite – Build relationships! Other charities, businesses, non-for-profits, social enterprises. Anyone and everyone. Let’s collaborate!

Not a big ask, right?! But I think it’s worth it. So I am metaphorically rolling up my sleeves (let’s not kid ourselves, it’s February, way too cold) and getting to work!

Next week – Housekeeping

I would love if you embarked on this journey with me. Tweet me @OxYouth_MagdaC with questions, photos and updates on how your first chapter is going.

Image from Goalcast.