This week I attended the public exhibition of the Oxford North Development along with the chair of the committee from Wolvercote Young People’s club.

We are pleased to be asked to attend these kinds of events to contribute to community consultation and have worked with the communities of North Abingdon, Berinsfield and now Wolvercote to do our best to ensure some community or youth provision is designed into the plans for neighbourhood developments. The learning I gathered from the exhibition has been shared with our partners at Trax and Youth Ambition as both have a presence in the area.

Oxfordshire is undergoing extraordinary growth and we are pleased that planners, Councillors and communities are considering youth and community provision as part of the process. If you live in an area that is having new developments built and you are keen to engage in these conversations please do speak to us and we would be happy to accompany and support you.

For more information on the Oxford North development please visit: