With daily public broadcasts  advising us on how to keep ourselves safe it seems over the last couple of weeks we are being exposed to a language that is foreign, overwhelming and for the majority somewhat scary!

The outbreak of Coronavirus has led to words and phrases like pandemic, stockpiling and self-isolation filtering into our everyday conversations and with them public feelings of fear and uncertainty. During this time it is important to remember all members of our communities, including young people and ensuring that they are part of the conversation.


Our Partnerships Manager David wrote a brilliant blog: ‘3 tips for working with young people in a time of Coronavirus’ where he highlights the importance of having discussions with young people and doing what you can to be there to answer their questions and hear their concerns. This really made me stop and think… how do we approach these conversations and dig a little deeper to make sure we are meeting their needs in this uncertain time?

It seemed to me that the reality for young people may be that they are suddenly hearing words that they have not heard before (I know I certainly am) delivered in a tone that provokes confusion and perhaps fear. Therefore, should these words and phrases be the starting point for our conversations with them?


To help you as professionals working with young people, we have put an activity together for you to use as a tool to initiate and engage young people in these conversations. This can be used for face to face work, however if you have moved your delivery to an online capacity then using screen sharing options on video calling platforms like ‘Zoom’ can mean that this can be done with young people online too!

Stay safe everyone and lets keep talking so we can all get through this together!

Coronavirus Youth Work Activity Plan
Youth Work Activity – Online Use

You can also find other useful resources and links to help your organisation get through the Coronavirus crisis in the blog ‘Stay safe, stay well and stay connected‘ by our CEO, Jodie Lloyd-Jones.