A relative recently mentioned that she wanted a family holiday in Greece (not sure why, she’s been to Greece lots of times, maybe it’s that she just wanted to do it with the whole family) she claimed it was part of her bucket list, and it started a big discussion about what we wanted on our own ‘to do’ lists. What we considered a challenge, what we’d love to do, and what we’ve done already.

Asking around the office this afternoon it turns out most of us have something niggling away at the back of our minds; David wants to climb a mountain higher than Kilimanjaro (he’s done that).
I’ve decided I want to go back to New Zealand and run the Keplar Trail.
Liz wants to walk Wainwrights Coast to Coast.
Becky could be convinced to run a marathon, but only if it’s in Disneyland (sorry Luton Marathon, you’re going to have to up your game a bit).
For Magda, the Three Peaks Challenge was calling, and Jodie mentioned wanting to skydive again (and lets face it most of us have thought about our boss falling out of a plane at some point, right?)

The thing is these are all experiences that we can make happen relatively easily, sometimes we’re put off by the cost, or the fear of trying something new, the scale of organising an event/challenge seems too great, you might not want to do it on your own, or you just don’t know where to start, but as a charity we can help.

And we want to know what you’d love to do, and whether we can help make it happen, in aid of young people throughout Oxfordshire of course.
Put your thinking caps on, and figure out where your challenge lies, what do you want to achieve, tick off your list, or just plain have a go at?

Perhaps it’s the three peaks challenge (or just one of those mountains) perhaps you want to try your hand at an open water swim, cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats, or even all the way to Paris
Whether you want to walk, run, swim, cycle, climb, jump off or out of something, let us know and we will look into how we can help you make it happen.

Let us know, call us on 01865 767899 or email [email protected]
Happy bucketing!