Britain goes to the polls tomorrow to vote in the first general election since invoking article 50. Brexit is undoubtedly the big issue of the election, and many of the votes cast will be effectively to ‘leave’ or ‘remain’. But what about the other issues? What are the each of the main parties saying about education, the NHS, employment, immigration and, for those of us working for charities, support the third sector?

Support for the third sector

The Third Sector has an excellent piece on the what the various party manifests include for the charity sector: Election 2019: what the party manifestos say.

In short, the Conservatives have promised investment in areas where they have spent the last ten years cutting funding, Labour plans to bring services pushed out to charities due to those same cuts back under local authority control, and the Liberal Democrats have made a commitment to help the social enterprise sector. The Greens are focused on climate change, the Brexit party on leaving the EU, and the SNP on leaving the UK. Okay, maybe I made that last one up – the SNP are actually looking to streamline the process for allocating lottery funding to charities. Unfortunately, they don’t have a candidate standing in my constituency of Oxford East or they would get my vote. But don’t take my word for it, go read the article yourself!

Commitment to the youth sector

The Third Sector piece is about charities in general.  If you want more detailed analysis of each party’s commitment to the youth sector, then I suggest that you visit London Youth’s news page. It has summaries of the youth sector commitments for the main party’s manifestos. I have added direct links to the individual articles below:

Go vote!

Whichever party you decide to support, what is most important is that when you have made your decision, you actually go out and vote. Over 70% of voters turned out for the Brexit referendum: let’s hope that even more turn out tomorrow for what could be the most important general election of our lifetime.