Data shows that young people, including those below 16, can experience all forms of domestic abuse and the likelihood of experiencing high severity abuse is no different to adults. (Safe Young Lives).

In Oxfordshire it is estimated that 22,000 adults a year are affected by domestic abuse. Most will be parents. Nationally it is estimated 75% of children on the ‘at risk’ register have witnessed domestic abuse and we would provisionally suggest that three quarters of children identified as vulnerable in Oxfordshire are likely to have experience of Domestic Abuse.

The Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Pathway for Young People was revised in 2018 and is a tool for anyone working with children and young people to know what steps to take to support a young person who has witnessed or who has experienced domestic abuse.

Further training courses on Young People and Domestic Abuse are now available to be booked on the OSCB website.

To access further support and information about young people and domestic abuse please visit:

VOXY (Voice of Oxfordshire’s Youth), which consists of young people aged 13 – 21, hosted an event in October 2018 for young people to engage in this topic. The key things that came up for young people were about knowing the signs of domestic abuse so that they can offer friends or family help and knowing where to go to find support. At the event key policy makers, those that deliver County Council led services were able to listen to the needs of these young people and think about how they can ensure that young people know what to look for and where to go.

The amazing team at Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse have some fantastic resources to help you identify if you, or someone you are supporting, is at risk. They provide support across the county and nationally to organisations working to help people and have a network of amazing “DA Champions” whose job is to identify and respond to victims that are using their service. To find out how to become a DA Champion follow this link: DA Champions Network

If you have a young person that has experienced domestic abuse and you are looking for support contact Safe! Supporting Young People Affected by Crime. Their programmes and support services can be a vital helpline for many young people that feel isolated and alone due to their experience.

To find out more about the network of extraordinary charities in the county take a look at our interactive Sector Map. And you can always contact us if you need more information about where to access support.

If you have young people who are keen to have their voices heard on important topics and want to influence decision makers about services for young people in Oxfordshire, please get in touch with Becky, Youth Engagement and Participation Officer at Oxfordshire Youth. Contact us