Local authorities are required to provide suitable education for all school-age children in their areas. If a child is not able to attend school for any reason, the local authority needs to provide an Alternative Provision (AP).

In its statutory guidelines for local authorities, the Department of Education defines Alternative Provision as:

  • education arranged by local authorities for pupils who, because of exclusion, illness or other reasons, would not otherwise receive suitable education
  • education arranged by schools for pupils on a fixed period exclusion; and
  • education for pupils being directed by schools to off-site provision to improve their behaviour.

Oxfordshire County Council is looking to develop a commissioning approach to Alternative Provision and the prevention of exclusion in schools. The council will be engaging with a range of stakeholders including AP providers, school staff and other professionals, children and young people either currently using or who have recently used alternative provision, and where possible their parents or carers.

As a first step, the council wants to hear from providers of AP services. If you provide AP services within Oxfordshire, please complete the Alternative Provision (AP) Provider survey.

If you have any questions about the form or Alternative Provision please contact: [email protected]


Image by Ina Hall from Pixabay