The Youth Select Committee of the British Youth Council has just published its report investigating the knife crime ‘epidemic’ in the UK. The Committee has ruled that cuts to important and arguably life-saving services for vulnerable young people have caused a rise in knife crime.

Titled ‘Our Generation’s Epidemic: Knife Crime’, the report is being launched by members of the Committee at a special House of Commons reception in anticipation of a government response. Knife crime was investigated following a 2018 UK-wide ballot of 1.1 million young people aged 11 to 18, in which young people declared knife crime their biggest concern.

Knife crime offences are reportedly at their highest in a decade, according to official figures from the Ministry of Justice. Research from the House of Commons Library also showed that knife crime, particularly where it affects young people, has been a ‘persistent and growing concern’ for successive governments.

Rachel Ojo, Chair of the Youth Select Committee, said: “The Youth Select Committee are concerned with the government’s increasingly punitive approach to tackling knife crime. If the government wishes to confront the fundamental causes of the rise in violent crime amongst young people, it must do more to address and improve the difficult circumstances many young people are facing.”

Download the Youth Select Committee Report on Knife Crime