OCC have released that ‘young people and their families in Oxfordshire are set to benefit from improved community-run youth services if county councillors agree grant funding when they set the council’s budget next week.’

Youth groups will be invited to bid in to a £1m fund over two years, with encouragement to find match funding from their local communities. Feedback from residents points to strong support for improving community-run youth services, and this money would help existing projects expand and new ones get off the ground.

How would funding bids be managed?

The money for the proposed new fund comes from better than expected Council Tax collection by district councils. There would be £500,000 available in 2019/20 and the same amount in 2020/21.

The council will set its budget for the 2019/20 financial year at the meeting as well as setting out plans for the years up to 2023. Included in proposals are plans to double the spend on children’s social care from £46m in 2011 to £95m by 2022/23.

The funds would be administered by a cross-party working group of Oxfordshire’s county councillors, chaired by Councillor Mark Gray. The proposals will be considered by the annual budget setting meeting of the county council on Tuesday, February 12′.

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