Coronavirus is now officially listed as a pandemic by the WHO. We are being advised not to travel and self-isolate if we feel unwell. But what does it mean for your organisation? Do you have the necessary processes in place and a policy for dealing with staff, volunteers or the young people you work with?

If you don’t have these in place yet, don’t panic! The NCVO has created a page with loads of useful and up-to-date information and advice on coronavirus. It includes information about the virus itself , advice on how to protect staff and prevent the virus from spreading, what to do if an employee gets sick or needs to self-isolate and the potential financial impact.

Visit the NCVO Coronavirus page

Example policy

The NCVO page has a number of useful resources to download. In addition, we thought that our own policy might provide a useful template for other charities, youth organisations, youth clubs, any other organisation working with children and young people.

Download OY coronavirus policy

We hope that you all stay well and that this crisis passes quickly so we can get on with what we do best: supporting young people across Oxfordshire to be the best they can be.

Additional links

Gov.UK page on UK Governement response to coronavirus

Press release on emergency COBR meeting on coronavirus

Image by Ashutosh Goyal from Pixabay