Friday 8th March
South Barn, Appleton

Join Oxfordshire Youth, and Appleton’s OX13 Youth Club at an evening of riotous racing with all proceeds supporting young people throughout our county. Tickets are just £10 each and include a hot supper (plus a bottle of wine for teams of eight).

What is a farmyard race night I hear you cry?

Well it’s an opportunity to have a flutter on the result of a series of races throughout an evening. However instead of the traditional race night fundraiser, wagering on a series of pre-recorded horse races from Kempton Park in 1998, our Farmyard Race night puts you at the heart of the action.

We’ll be racing ‘real life’ (wooden) animals, which move either by the roll of a dice or winding them in on a string, to cross the line first.
Before each race the animals will be auctioned to the highest bidder A percentage is then removed for our charities leaving a prize for the winning owner.

Once each animal is auctioned off then the Betting Office opens.  Bets are placed, odds are worked out and paid to those who back the winning animal.

Dice races

A dice is thrown and this determines which “animal” moves.  Second dice is thrown and this will tell us how many slots it moves.

String races

The “animals” are wound by string, and the first past the finish line wins. You’ll also get the opportunity to choose your ‘jockey’ to see who gets to wind the animals along the track.

Hot food is included in the ticket price and a pay-bar will also be available.
All proceeds will go to helping Oxfordshire Youth and OX13 provide support to young people, and their organisations. We’re inviting our member organisations to also join the fun and find out about raising money for their own clubs in the future.

Tickets available from the Appleton Village Shop or from [email protected]