The Paul Hamlyn Foundation Youth Fund supports organisations whose main purpose is about helping young people (aged 14-25) in the most precarious positions, where making the transition to adult independence is most challenging. The Fund supports organisations which work with young people experiencing disadvantage in a way that recognises and builds on their strengths and potential. This asset-based approach focuses on ‘strengths-based’, ‘advantaged thinking’, or ‘asset-based community development’ practices.

The Fund is aimed at organisations planning to grow their impact by:

  • Replicating a programme or service
  • Widening the reach of an idea or innovation
  • Spreading a technology or skill
  • Advancing policy or enhancing its implementation
  • Influencing attitudes

The Fund is open to not-for-profit organisations, working at a local, regional or national level, which are providing direct services and/or second tier support to young people (aged 14-25). It will provide core funding to these organisations to enable them to achieve the right balance of stability, continuity and flexibility needed to achieve the greatest positive impact in the lives of young people.

Organisations can apply for up to £60,000 over two years by completing an online application form answering a standard set of questions. For more information, and to submit an application, visit the Youth Fund page on the Paul Hamlyn Foundation website.

Oxfordshire Youth provides support to its members in helping to plan and implement new youth projects. If you are already a member and would like to discuss a new project for which you have applied for or received funding, then please get in touch.

If you are not yet a member, you can find out more about the benefits and register on our Members page.