Why are we here? It’s because we believe in our vision, for all young people to be empowered, feel respected and know that they are valued.

This is what gets us up in the morning and motivates us to keep going when challenges are mounting. Never before has the purpose of Oxfordshire Youth felt more important and more ingrained into everything that we do. The 2019-20 financial year feels forever ago, because within weeks, the world as we know it changed. Overnight, we all had to adapt and decide on the best ways to meet the needs of young people in this ever-changing climate.

We have succeeded, as a charity and as a sector. There is still a lot of uncertainty; however, the power of coming together and working towards a united goal has been absolutely inspiring. In the midst of this, we are taking the time to reflect, learn and celebrate, as we believe that makes us better prepared for the future challenges, and clearer on the path we need to take to keep on having a positive impact on the lives of young people.

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