Oxfordshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board have approved the 2019 Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and it’s official – the residents of Oxfordshire are healthy!

There’s more to it than that though and the full report can be found here:- https://insight.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/joint-strategic-needs-assessment

Oxfordshire is a county with an ageing population and whilst there is much data around the older years, and specifically suggesting that in the locality a healthy lifestyle is higher than other parts of the country, the report shows too what it’s like for the young people in our area. Poverty is increasing, achievement levels for the disadvantaged remain low, referrals for mental health services remain high, and these key support facilities are becoming more overstretched. Overall, the general theme appears to show that our children and young people’s health continues to decline, with obesity rates at their highest in Oxford City and Banbury.

At the end of March it was reported that 619 young people had been admitted for self-harming, and 227 were not in education, employment, or training.

It’s a really fascinating report, even if you only get chance to read the summary, which in itself is an impressive overview. Perhaps these findings will pave the way to a shift in the way we all work?

There are a number of services across Oxfordshire available to young people. See our Sector Map for more information.