To offer support to young women affected by violence, crime and/or mental health conditions, Anne-Marie Cockburn has been working with Ark-T on a new prize fund in memory of her daughter Martha who died in Oxford aged 15 from an accidental ecstasy overdose.

This art fund has been created out of a shared recognition that there are teenage girls in Oxford who could really benefit from a year’s worth of support from an established female artist, as well as the option for a year’s worth of privately funded therapy if this is something that the young woman wanted.

This offer is based on the experiences of staff at Ark T who have worked with teenage girls for whom 6-12 weeks of therapy with CAMHS or equivalent is just not enough to treat the trauma that they have experienced in there lives.

Female trauma specialists from Oxford will be available for support throughout this year for the young woman who applies and is selected. We hope Martha’s Prize will make a meaningful difference to their future.

What can you do?

1. Please share the application pack

2. Please encourage a young woman (trans inclusive) to apply- it does not have to be written application, it can be filmed or voice recorded.

More details are available in the information pack – The deadline is 31st of January 2019.

Download the pack below or for any enquiries email [email protected]