The Co-op Foundation has just announced new funding to help young people advocate to improve community spaces that matter to them. Applications for grants of up to £35,000 are open until 12pm (noon) on Friday 20 September. The foundation expects to make about eight grants in total and funding comes from a new £3 million extension to the foundation’s #iwill Fund.

Helping to support the aims of the #iwill Campaign, that wants to make social action part of life for young people, the Co-op Foundation has been match funding the #iwill Fund since 2017. These new grants will put young people in the driving seat to improve community spaces that matter to them.

This means that young people will have a real connection to the causes they look to improve, and be better able to understand the impact of their social action. They will also be more likely to feel that their insights are valued by their peers.

To find out if your organisation is eligible, check on the foundation’s funding page, or watch this short video.