Active Oxfordshire and Oxfordshire County Council have been working in partnership to offer a fully funded programme to get children and families more active!

‘Little Feet’ is being offered to early years settings as a way to encourage young people and their families to walk or cycle to school. Launching during walk to school week this initiative will encourage activeness amongst early years children and their families and will provide practitioners with resources to carry on the learning within your setting.

Free resources offered will include:
A Little Feet ‘how to guide’ for practitioners
Two A3 journey maps
Two sets of journey map stickers for children to track their walking
Practitioner stickers to aid discussion around each theme
Two sets of reward stickers
Parent/carer booklet about Little Feet, plus eight family challenges

To book your place to be involved simply email: [email protected] with the name, address and contact details of your early years setting by Tuesday 31st March! 

Little Feet Poster