Young leaders from Europe could attend the One Young World 2019 Summit in London, taking place from 22nd-25th October, via their flagship Scholarship.

Since 2010, One Young World has worked to guarantee young people from all 196 countries in the world are represented at OYW Summits, regardless of their ability to pay. To ensure this, fully-funded scholarship places are awarded to outstanding young leaders with a range of backgrounds, skill sets and nationalities.

“Leading Europe is an initiative designed to ensure that outstanding young people from Europe are represented at the One Young World Summit 2019 in London.


Europe finds itself at a crossroads. The environment is under threat as 130 cities missed their set air pollution limits. The region is increasingly divided, with domestic upheavals like the Gilet Jaunes protests in France to far-right, populist rhetoric espoused by the leaders of several European nations.  The bounds of media freedom are being tested as relationships between states and the press become more adversarial. Europe’s economic outlook is pessimistic amid widespread uncertainty; with Brexit looming, the future of the European project is being questioned. The EU seeks to be at the heart of 4IR, but many European workforces are unprepared for the digital upheaval. Yet with the advancements in tech, medicine and energy, the future must be seen as bright.


In the midst of these challenges, it is young leaders who are devising meaningful strategies to build a more sustainable region. Are you one of those leaders? If so, One Young World is looking to bring you to the next annual Summit in London.”



To find out more about the Leading Europe Scholarship, find out if you’re eligible and to apply, visit the One Young World websiteApplication deadline is Monday 15th April!

If you are interested in leadership opportunities, you can find out more about joining Oxfordshire Youth’s Voice Committee or can take part in our Young Leaders Programme.