The Children and Young People’s Plan – review of implementation plan underway.
Jodie Lloyd-Jones

In March 2018 after agreeing the final draft of the Children and Young People’s Plan 2018-2020, The Children’s Trust agreed to focus on the three priorities over the next year:-

  1. Children missing out on education.
  2. Social and emotional well-being and mental health.
  3. Protect children from domestic abuse.

The agreement at the recent meeting in March 2019, was to continue with these priorities for a further year with a focus on revising the implementation plan. A working group has been set up to revise the implementation plan and if anyone would like to feed into this, please get in touch with me and I would be happy to take your comments to the working group.

At the meeting, updates were provided on current areas of work including in the north of the county there the Banbury Community Impact Zones (CIZ) have been agreed. A board comprising members from schools, voluntary and community organisations, and faith groups has been established with a focus on children missing from education.

Sarah Carter, the Strategic Lead, Domestic Abuse, at Oxfordshire County Council provided a progress report on the Young People Domestic Abuse Pathway, launched in July 2018, which saw a number of recommendations for consideration, including surrounding accessibility to the Pathway.

VOXY’s Autumn General Meeting was a successful event and had a focus of Domestic Abuse, benefiting greatly from receiving feedback from young people. The key recommendation was to improve communication, notably as young people would like to choose who they are going to engage with when they are experiencing domestic abuse. There will be further training around the subject in May and June, particularly targeting schools.

VOXY are currently working to widen the reach to young people, trying to engage them in their work, as well as preparing for the next elections on the VOXY Council. They have also worked closely with Jo Brown, Oxfordshire County Council’s Anti-Bullying Coordinator, to work on LGBT+ issues. Further information can be found here.

Some key notes that came out of the meeting also included:-

  • There is still an issue with waiting times with CAMHS which is closely monitored by the Clinical Commissioning Group.
  • The number of looked after children has risen and is being closely scrutinised by Children’s Social Care.
    The Ofsted inspection was positive in relation to this area of work however.

A discussion about the role that social media plays amongst young people was had and while there is evidence about high levels of anxiety regarding the use of social media, the internet is also a powerful tool to disseminate positive and educational messages/contents.

Again, if anyone would like to feed into the above, please get in touch with me.

The Children and Young People’s Plan and supporting documents can be found here

You can also feed into the Children’s Trust Board through the next Children and Young People’s Forum on the 23rd May.