Charities and social Enterprises need to constantly innovate to solve social and environmental issues and achieve financial sustainability. As a charity ourselves, and to be able to provide advice and support to our members, this is an important issue for us. Therefore, our CEO, Jodie Lloyd-Jones, attended a workshop on the Role of Innovation for Social Enterprises, organised by Innovation Support for Business (ISfB).

In a lively and interactive workshop, local businesses, charities and social enterprises considered how innovation can be accelerated and scaled through genuine collaborations and partnerships, and what it takes to make those happen. The workshop examined key themes and agendas that can be leveraged to open up new opportunities. It also looked at the tools, resources and networks available to provide additional support. Attendees came out of the workshop with a better understanding of why organisations can and should become more innovative and some ways they can. They also learned how being more collaborative and open to strong and mutually beneficial partnerships could help to underpin their financial sustainability.

Watch the video to find out more about the event and what some of attendees got out of it (you can hear what Jodie thought starting at 1:49). And if you missed it don’t worry, another session will be held on 18th September 2019. You can book a place via eventbrite.