Stress can affect us all, and in a multitude of ways. It can lead to many health conditions, such as anxiety and depression, as well as physical conditions, such as weakened organs and immune systems.

But we can all do something to improve it and raise the awareness of the effects of stress on our lives. The Mental Health Foundation campaign every year during Mental Health Awareness Week to raise the profile of a different mental health condition. This year Stress is top of the agenda and you may find this really interesting blog a useful starting point for discussions within your own organisation.

Don’t forget that Oxfordshire Youth runs for its members FREE Mental Health training, which has proven results so that we can better support our young people, and you can also book our Stress, Resilience, and Relaxation workshops.

Stress can be brought on for a number of reasons and manifest itself. Everyone should have the skills to support themselves and others. We’ve pulled together a few ideas for the session plans this time.