Despite improvements to NHS services, with rising demand, they remain overstretched and too many young people are reaching crisis before they get support for their mental health. This can have devastating consequences. To highlight this issue, YoungMinds Activists are going to Parliament to call on the Government to make early intervention a genuine priority.

YoungMinds want your MP to attend their event so they can meet young people who have lived experience of what it’s like to access support and find out why early intervention is so important. They will be asking MPs to support our call for a cross-government strategy that looks at the factors that make young people’s mental health worse and makes early support a genuine priority.

From previous events, YoungMinds have seen how important personal invites from constituents can be. So, please help them by sending an email your MP to ask them to attend. To help you, they have created a simple form that will automatically send an email to your local MP.

Invite your local MP to the #ActEarly event in Parliament.

This is your chance to go right to the heart of government and have your voice heard. By doing this, your MP will know just how important this issue is for their constituents and why they need to meet young people with knowledge of the mental health system.

Last year, YoungMInds received over 70,000 signatures for a petition which was handed into the three main political parties ahead of the general election. But with a new government, now is a crucial time for MPs to meet young people who have struggled to get the help they need, when they need it so that they understand the devastating impact this can have, and how vital it is to take action.

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Image by skeeze from Pixabay