Within Oxfordshire, young people, many of whom are disadvantaged or have experienced multiple traumatic events in their lives, are reached both through Oxfordshire Youth’s direct services and programmes (ages 11-25), and indirectly through our work with the youth sector (ages 8-25).

Oxfordshire Youth provides a whole programme of youth training, activities and youth forums for young people to engage, learn new skills and influence the world around them. 

Research shows that young people who are not in education, employment or training, are significantly more likely to feel down or depressed than their peers in work, education or training. 47% of young people worry that missing out on time in education or the workplace now will put them at a disadvantage for “years to come”.

Oxfordshire Youth believes that everyone has leadership potential and that with the right skills, opportunities and therapeutic support where appropriate, young people can flourish, take leadership of their own lives, and positively influence those around them.

Oxfordshire Youth’s skills development takes place in a number of contexts, including in 24-hour support in supported accommodation, programmes in schools, youth clubs and organisations, outdoor residential settings and in virtual spaces.

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