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Recovery Co-ordinator, Didcot

The Recovery Group offers Restore members the opportunity to engage with a range of structured interventions that will support people to take control of their recovery, develop skills and lead meaningful lives.

Staff provide information, advice and guidance which covers a range of activities and interventions that help members to become more self-reliant , plugged into the local community and better able to manage their personal and career development, including learning.

Fleet Meadow recovery group provides people with mental health problems with the opportunity to take part in structured activity in gardening, crafts ,woodwork in the process learning new skills or enhancing old ones.

It also offers members opportunities to further improve their health and well being with access to physical sports activity in local centres .

Empowering members is at the centre of everything we do at Fleet Meadow.There is a team based approach with emphasis on negotiation and problem solving and improved communication skills with peer support.The team will also provide access to coaching and resources on employment and training.

Salary / Rate: £21, 323 PA, £11.71 PH

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