Voice: Our Youth Committee

“I believe that Oxfordshire Youth facilitates access to the incredible diversity we’re blessed with. From that first VOICE meeting, I met young people from Abingdon, Blackbird Leys, Magdalen and Wheatley, people who I doubt would ordinarily even cross paths. And yet we were able to come together, and share our experiences and ideas, and although they have all since left to explore their horizons, we still keep in touch, and the friendships forged still stand strong.”
Maya, Chair of Voice

Name: Maya, Voice Chair

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Name: Shakeel, Donnington Doorstep

What is your favourite thing about Donnington Doorstep?

“The best thing about Donnington Doorstep is that the staff and young people are very nice. Doorstep has helped me to become the person I am today, as it helped me be more confident, raised my self-esteem and opened doors for me.”

Name: Christian, Compass Youth Club

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Name: Ben, OYAP Trust

What is your favourite thing about OYAP?

“The thing that I love most about OYAP is the atmosphere they have there. The people are always welcoming and supportive. I also love the creative projects that happen for a lot of the time.”

Name: Nikki, Didcot Train


What is your favourite thing about Didcot Train?

“My favourite thing about Didcot Train is how welcoming everybody is and the fact that it’s such a small but homely community. The Youth Workers are amazing! They are always friendly, caring and considerate. They have given amazing opportunities that are open to everybody and supported many with the path to their futures. I have gained so many memories and experiences as well as gaining many qualifications and skills. They are constantly working hard to make sure everyone is happy and gets the chance to do what they aspire to.”

Name: Charlotte, North Leigh Youth Club

What is your favourite thing about North Leigh Youth Project?

“It’s hard to choose a favourite thing because I think that it is all pretty great. I love the friendly environment and how everyone contributes. It’s such a bubbly and exciting place that’s welcoming and warming. It has completely transformed me and my life and I think my favourite thing about it is the community and the laughs we have.”