Oxfordshire Youth Awards 2020

What are the Youth Awards?

The Youth Awards are a celebration of young people from Oxfordshire. The event will shine a light on Oxfordshire’s outstanding, hard-working and talented children and young people who deserve to be celebrated.

In 2020, we will again be celebrating the achievements of young people throughout our county at the Oxfordshire Youth Awards. The event will return to the New Theatre on the Wednesday 13th of May 2020, where we aim to once again fill the space with 1800 people.

We will be presenting awards in eight categories:

  • Arts Superstar
  • Community Champion
  • Inspirational Entrepreneur
  • Sports Personality
  • STEM Innovator
  • Youth Activist
  • Youth Project of the year
  • Pride of Oxfordshire

In addition to the awards, there will be performances from some of Oxfordshire’s top youth talent. 

Award nominations

The Youth Awards recognise the efforts and good intentions of young people (8-21 years old) across Oxfordshire. Whether making a big impact, like saving the planet, or just making one person’s life better, we want to hear about them all. Anyone can nominate a young person, be it a teacher, neighbour, youth worker, parent or even friend. Read through the award categories, and If you know a young person or group who deserves recognition for their efforts, please nominate them.

Arts Superstar

A person or group who has shown dedication or passion in the arts. Celebrating the artistic achievements of young people showing inspirational commitment to any art forms including creative writing, drama, visual arts, design, fashion, dance, film-making, music, and photography.

Past nominees have included:

Dance groups, craft groups, performance poets and singer songwriters


Community Champion

Young people who have voluntarily acted in roles of leadership and responsibility in their school or local community. Celebrating their efforts and determination to bring about positive and progressive change within their communities through campaigning or volunteering.

Past nominees have included:

Peer mentors, care home volunteers and charity fundraisers

Sponsored by: Oxford Bus Company

Inspirational Entrepreneur

Recognising an entrepreneurial spirit and a proactive attitude, this award is for young people showing innovation and inspiration in business development, including social entrepreneurship to grow an idea and raise funds. Young people will be recognised for creative and ingenious business thinking. 

Past nominees have included:

Cook book author, designer of teenager gifts website, tuck shop manager

Sponsored by: Jennings and Monument Community Trust 

Sports Personality

This award aims to celebrate young people’s dedication to sport. Nominees will show self-motivation in their efforts to achieve their sporting goals. Examples of nominees motivating teams to be the best they can be will be recognised. The emphasis is on the nominee’s proactive attitude and passion for sports.

Past nominees have included:

Ice skaters, football teams, boxers, a record breaking Atlantic boat crossing and young people representing their village, town, county and even country in various sports events.

Sponsored by: Decathlon


STEM Innovator

This award will identify the young people of Oxfordshire who are excelling in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The award also aims to recognise those who are proactively exploring science with the intention of working towards a more sustainable future.

Past nominees have included:

After school science club for young girls, young inventors, young scientists working on professional science investigations.

Sponsored by: Owen Mumford Ltd.


Young Activist

This award recognises the young people making their voice heard on the big issues we face today. From climate change to healthcare, this award celebrates the efforts and determination of young people to bring about positive and progressive change at a local, national or global level.

This is a new category, we expect nominations for:

Inspirational speakers on issues that are important to young people and direct action and campaigning on important issues.

Sponsored by: Oxford County Council’s Councillor Priority Fund

Youth Project

Celebrating the diverse range of cutting-edge youth projects being carried out across Oxfordshire. Examples include peer education projects, extra-curricular activities, volunteer led spaces, arts and sports projects. The nominees will have a vested interest in developing the aspirations of Oxfordshire’s youth.

Past nominees have included:

Inclusive youth projects, voluntary youth clubs from across Oxfordshire and National Citizens Service (NCS) groups

Sponsored by: Samla Tribe

Pride of Oxfordshire

This award is a celebration of young people who have shown courage and inspirational resilience in the face of challenging life circumstances. Nominees will have demonstrated positivity and strength of character in their determination to lead a successful life.

Past nominees have included:

Young people receiving hospital care, young people experiencing difficulty at home and young refugees and asylum seekers

Sponsored by: University of Oxford Apprenticeships


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