Welcome to our new home(page)

1 August 2022

Welcome to our brand new website! If you are a young person looking for opportunities to have your voice heard and make a difference, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re a youth club, or organisation wanting to join our powerful network and access incredible support, we’ve got you!

If you’re a funder wanting to create a future where inequality does not determine outcomes for young people, reach out to us. For parents, carers, partners or any other human being who stands for the rights of young people to be empowered, welcome to our new online home, we’re so happy you’re here. 

Let us show you round…

In the new menu, ‘About us’, does what it says on the tin and introduces you to our full staff team – President, trustees, senior leaders and all. You can also read up on our 75 year history and see the impact we and our funders are having right now. We hope that finding out about the positive difference Oxfordshire Youth is making will inspire you to ‘Support the vision’ by joining our fundraising efforts and if you like what you read, maybe you’ll want to ‘Work with us’. We are a truly supportive, diverse and inclusive organisation and we’d love you to join our work community. 

Our ‘What we offer’ section makes it simple for everyone to connect with Oxfordshire Youth: young people can easily access our amazing programmes, youth sector organisations and their staff can connect with our top notch training and sector support, and anyone who works with young people is now able to access a wide range of supported housing, networking and learning opportunities – including our unique, annual conference Youth in Mind. 

Clicking on ‘Partner with us’ will show you a range of the wonderful organisations that we are connected to: from a UNESCO World Heritage Site to a theatre company, Thames Valley Police, the NHS, Oxfordshire County Council and businesses and youth organisations across the county. We are passionate about the power of partnership enriching and nurturing innovation to tackle systemic inequalities impacting young people. 

And we want to connect with you. Our contact details are at the bottom of every webpage so you can reach out and tell us what you think, book onto some training, apply for a job or put a young person you work with forward for one of our programmes or a Youth Award. 

This is your site as much as it is ours and we want you to feel at home here too.

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