Aspiring youth workers – train with us to begin the career of a lifetime

22 September 2023

Elevate your skill level and empower the next generation!

Oxfordshire Youth’s Level 2 Award in Youth Work Principles isn’t just another course, it’s your chance to start crafting your own legacy. By empowering you with specialised skills and knowledge, this award sets the stage for you to support young people as they change their lives for the better. Be the mentor young people need and your impact will be felt not just in the lives you touch, but in the communities you help build.

If you harbour a burning desire to inspire, educate, and advocate for the next generation, our accredited youth work qualifications offer you the opportunity to turn your passion into a profession. Talk to us if you are already working or volunteering in a role that involves direct engagement with young people.

Our next course kicks off in early November 2023 and you could be qualified to work with children and young people as soon as April 2024. Completing Level 2 also puts you on the fast track to enrolling on a Level 3 Certificate course or even a Level 3 Diploma in Youth Work. Oxfordshire Youth’s training is designed to be as accessible as possible and is delivered online so that you can fit your learning around work and social commitments. 

Contact if you want to talk about the course and see below for more detailed information.

What you will learn

Theory of Youth Work, Safeguarding in a Youth Work Setting, Young People’s Development, Engaging and Communicating with Young People 

Skills you will gain

Theory application: practical uses of theoretical frameworks guiding effective youth work.

Safety protocols: principles and practices ensuring young people’s safety.

Developmental insights: understand developmental stages faced by young people to better tailor your programmes and interactions.

Communication techniques: engage young people effectively, enabling you to build trust and facilitate more meaningful interactions.

​​Ethical decision making: understand the ethics involved in youth work, helping you navigate complex situations with integrity.

Crisis management: acquire the skills to handle emergencies calmly and effectively.

Interpersonal skills: develop strong relationships with young people, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication.

Why choose to study with Oxfordshire Youth? 

Lived experience is celebrated: your journey enriches our collective understanding.

A passion for equality: we’re creating an environment where every voice is heard.

Inclusion and diversity: we believe that varied perspectives contribute to comprehensive youth support.

Empowering young people: by training with us, you’re joining a movement of professionals who have a truly transformative impact on young lives.

Go beyond the ‘just a job’ mentality: be part of a workforce that is changing young lives every single day and having a lasting impact. 

Transform lives: inspiring confidence, fostering development and providing a safe space.

Gain practical skills: equipping you with the confidence to deliver high quality youth work. 

Get hands-on experience: going beyond theory.

Networking: connect with professionals and like-minded peers.

Credibility: earn a recognised certificate that makes you a desirable candidate in the youth work sector.

Supervised experience: we ensure that you have a supervisor at your place of work to guide your practice and professional development.

We’ve got your back!

Our aim is to make your learning experience as enriching and stress-free as possible. Here are some of the unique support services you’ll have access to: 

One in-person meeting before each module: we arrange an in-person meeting to kick start each module, where you can clarify your objectives, ask questions and set yourself up for success in the upcoming topics.

One-to-one time with your assessor: meetings can be scheduled with your course assessor to provide personalised feedback, answer queries and help you stay on track. 

Open access to your assessor: besides scheduled meetings, you’ll have the freedom to reach out to your assessor at any time for academic or course-related support.

Support from Oxfordshire Youth’s training team: our dedicated training team will be at your service for any assistance you may require. 

Customised individual learning plans: you can opt for an Individual Learning Plan that aligns with your learning style and pace to help you make the most out of the course. 

Adaptations for learning needs: we recognise that each learner is unique. If you have specific learning needs, we are open to making necessary adjustments to the delivery methods to accommodate you.

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