Give your support to over 100 charities campaigning to end youth homelessness

12 January 2024

Help #PlanForThe136k to save young people from homlessness

In 2022-23, 135,800 16-25-year-olds presented at their local authority as homeless or at risk of homelessness. Many young people experiencing homelessness remain hidden, not showing up in the data, so this figure could easily be far higher and with the cost-of-living crisis, the situation is critical. 

Despite the ‘Everyone in’ movement during COVID, certain truths remain – far too many young people in the UK find themselves unhoused, unsupported and unsafe. This country desperately needs a #PlanForThe136k.

One homeless young person in the UK is terrible; 136,000 is unacceptable. We’re uniting with our sector colleagues and calling on our government to create a national strategy to end youth homelessness.

Sign the #PlanForThe136k petition today to end youth homelessness for good, click here to add your name #SignForThe136k.

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