Blenheim Palace’s mission, “To share and protect this place for future generations, to enhance the lives of local people and to be the lifeblood of the local economy”, is firmly aligned with our core values. Oxfordshire Youth is deeply appreciative of Blenheim’s unwavering commitment to young people and we are united by a shared passion for growing deep-reaching roots into the communities we serve.

We are collaborating with the team at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, also the birthplace of Winston Churchill, and work closely with Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill on a range of fundraising activities. These enable us to expand our offer of support, and transform the lives of young people stymied by socio-economic hardship. Our work together will positively impact the lives of thousands of young people and tackle the root causes of inequality. We believe every young person’s life has value, and with the right support, anyone can grow to be a leader of their own life, their school, and the wider community.

“As President, I have the pleasure and privilege of giving my long-term support and conviction to the role Oxfordshire Youth plays in young people’s lives. I am constantly inspired by its dedicated staff, working so hard to alleviate disadvantage and inequality. In times of hardship, we look to people and companies who work with a shared vision of a future where every child and young person can overcome adversity and reach their full potential.”
Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill

With help from Blenheim Palace, the future of Oxfordshire’s young adults looks incredibly promising, ensuring that whatever background young people have, they will have access to the opportunities, support and skills needed to grow into happy and healthy adults, leading successful lives, giving back to Oxfordshire, and creating a better future for our county’s children and young people and the communities in which they live.



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