Youth Awards

We stand out for being outstanding

Young people are outstanding. We know this, we see this in our work and in our communities. We believe that celebrating the youth of our county is the right thing to do.

Not because they need our approval, but because they deserve to be seen and heard. We invite you to join us by nominating outstanding 8-21 year olds in your community. Planned and presented by a team of young people, this is an event by young people for young people. Anyone who is nominated will be invited to our star-studded evening at the New Theatre Oxford on Monday October 17th.

Tickets are now on sale so don’t miss out on your opportunity to come to this brilliant event!

The Youth Awards is a celebration of young people from Oxfordshire. The event shines a light on Oxfordshire’s outstanding, hard-working and talented children and young people who deserve to be celebrated.

The Youth Awards recognise the efforts AND good intentions of young people, whether making a big impact, like creating new inventions to save the planet from climate change, or by making one person’s life better, we love hearing about them all. Anyone can nominate a young person, be it a teacher, neighbour, youth worker, parent or friend.

Past nominees have told us that their nomination changed the course of their life for the better. So please join us in affirming that young people should be a celebrated part of our society.

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Sponsor the Oxfordshire Youth Awards

Please consider sponsoring our event and celebrating with us the wonderful achievements of Oxfordshire’s young people. A sponsorship of £1000 will make a huge difference in our ability to plan and execute this event. If you’d like to support our event complete this form:

The important event could not happen without the support of award sponsors. With Blenheim as the headline sponsor, you will join an incredible collective of businesses that advocate for the power, creativity and compassion young people offer the wider community. As a sponsor, we can offer you:

At Oxfordshire Youth, we work hard to provide the best possible opportunities for young people across the county. The projects we run where young people are the lead decision makers are so important to us, and the strides we have made so far wouldn’t have been possible without supporters like you, who care about our community.

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Arts Superstar

Celebrating the artistic achievements of young people showing inspirational commitment to any art form including creative writing, drama, visual arts, design, fashion, dance, film-making, music, and photography.

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Community Champion

Identifying young people who have voluntarily acted in roles of leadership and responsibility in their school or local community, bringing about positive change.

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Inspirational Entrepreneur

An award recognising creative and ingenious thinking in business that recognises the nominee’s commitment to an entrepreneurial spirit and a proactive attitude.

Pride of Oxfordshire

Rewarding courage and inspirational resilience in the face of challenging life circumstances. Nominees will demonstrate positivity and strength of character in their determination to lead a successful life.

Sports Personality

Nominees show a passion for their sport/s, self-motivation in their efforts to achieve sporting goals and/or motivate teams to be the best they can be.

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STEM Innovator

Singling out those who are excelling in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and rewarding those who proactively explore science with the intention of working towards a more sustainable future.

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Youth Activist

From climate change to healthcare, this award celebrates the efforts and determination of young people to bring about positive and progressive change at a local, national or global level.

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Youth Project 2022

Celebrating the diverse range of cutting-edge youth projects being run across Oxfordshire. Examples include peer education projects, extra-curricular activities, volunteer-led spaces, arts and sports projects. Nominees have a vested interest in developing the aspirations of Oxfordshire’s youth.

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