Move-on homes

“We are honoured to work together with OY, offering safe homes that nurture young people, providing a safe and solid starting point at the start of their independent living journey.”

Sian Edwards, Director of Andrews Charitable Trust

Oxfordshire Youth has partnered with the brilliant team at Andrews Charitable Trust which purchased properties in Oxford, to create medium-term housing options for young people from YPSA.

Move-on Homes provide affordable, high quality accommodation and Oxfordshire Youth Move-on Progression Coaches. Our coaches support residents to sustain employment, education and training places, save towards their next home and build positive relationships within the local community. Young people also benefit from the volunteering support of Andrews’ staff who set up and maintain the properties.

This housing model increases the independence of young people, reduces reliance on state support and provides safe, secure homes from which 18-24-year-olds can take their next steps towards independence and the future.

Andrews Charitable Trust (ACT)

ACT was established by a man called Cecil Jackson-Cole (CJC) who did his bit to change the world. He formed an estate agency called Andrews and to ensure that profits from the business be used to make the world a better place, opened his first charity shop in Oxford. From that little acorn, the mighty oak of Oxfam grew!

CJC also set up the Andrews Charitable Trust which passionately supports projects providing safe and beautiful homes for young people in London, Bristol and now Oxford.

ACT echoes Oxfordshire Youth’s passion for improving outcomes for young people and wholeheartedly shares our vision.

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